"Quality Engineering Vision"

Trueanalog International LTD

Begins with a Q factor. Thorough thinking through the process of inspiration to the final product. Quality is a component of design and product. Anything afterwards is periphal.

Trueanalog International LTD

It won't be perfect the 1st time so beat it up then make a sample. Don't get stuck with paralysis by analysis. Stay true to the orginal design as much as humanly possible.

Trueanalog International LTD

Set the pace by making it happen. Exploring new ideas and execution. Drivers are the newest oldest technology in the audio chain.

History of our company in the founders words:

Founded in 2009 Trueanalog Strictly OEM/ODM was established to serve the International high-end and mid-fi driver and system industries.

My experience working and lving in China over the past decade has taught me how to execute a higher level of engineering and quality by conducting real DFMEA and working with world class suppliers. There isn't a reason why we cannot manufacture what you ask for. Painful means challenging.

Trueanalog Strictly OEM/ODM is an engineering oriented driver and system manufacturer. We design, engineer and manufacture drivers and systems in-house to your specification or a mutually agreed solution.

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Trueanalog International LTD

Our Factory

  • We measure glue weights every 30 minutes.
  • We measure and document 50% DCR values every production run.
  • An AB glue variance of 0.0015 grams. 800 lux at 1m.
  • We utilize stainless steel go-no-go gauges to check all round dims., on gap plates and pole pieces.
  • LMS, CLIO, LOUDSOFT. All real no fakes.
  • Biggest anechoic measuring area in Asia, (hint see IEC baffle pic). Quick set up time. Low MOQ's.
  • All t-yokes, top plates made in-house.
  • Mitutoyo CMM in-house.
  • B in gap measured before, during and at end of production.
  • Refrigerated water cooled magnetizers.
  • Rigorous checks and balances.
  • Workers get a 10 minute break every 2.55 hours.
  • Freshly grounded coffee. (No latt├ęs, sorry.)
Trueanalog International LTD

Philip Richardson

general manager

My goal in life has been to achieve and maintain the highest quality of life, work and being for my business and my family. As a design engineer, factory owner and employer, father and husband, I strive to be the best.

My family, friends, suppliers and products we manufacture are a reflection of who I am. As a result I have created an annual event, The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show.

Both professionally and personally, I am open to learning, to changing and focusing on excellence to achieve my dreams. During my 25 years working experience, I have collaborated with top industry professionals and hope that lessons learned have translated to my efforts at TrueAnalog to be a premiere strictly OEM/ODM loudspeaker driver and system manufacturer.

USARMY Veteran. Graduate of the IDT. Holder of 3 patents and active cyclist.

Please drop by for a nice cup of coffee, anytime.

Ciao for now.